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Our Story Universes

Welcome to the extraordinary universes crafted by Interactive Entertainment Company (IEC). Prepare for a journey that spans across two distinct stories.


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The Dark Portal

Behind the far side of the moon, the dark portal looms, leading to a science fiction universe discovered in 1968. Join the United Nations of Earth Scientific Coalition (UNESC) to experience military action and hard science through the portal.

Forest Sunrays

Myst's of the Pines

Immerse yourself in Myst's of the Pines, an enchanting fantasy universe within IEC's lineup. Explore a captivating fantasy park where dreams come alive, complete with choose-your-own-adventure quests, mythical creatures, and magical performances. Overnight stays offer unforgettable experiences beyond daylight.

Glowing Keyboard

Universe 2.0 System

Introducing Universe 2.0, an innovative real time, online character sheet system that seamlessly connects to your experiences within the Dark Portal and Myst's of the Pines universes. Customize and evolve your character, unlocking new possibilities across both extraordinary worlds. With Universe 2.0, track   live-action experiences and role-play missions, action adventure vacations, immersive books, and the fantasy park, all merged into a single, cohesive narrative of your adventures.

Join us in shaping the future of these universes. With Universe 2.0 as your guide, explore the limitless realms, "Live the adventure," and become the protagonist of your own epic tale. Experience the wonders of science fiction and the enchantment of fantasy as you step into IEC's captivating universe. Your destiny awaits, across two extraordinary realms.

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