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Spy Games

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Experience the vacation of a lifetime. Spy Games is a 3 day, fully immersive, vacation experience, for up to 4 guests, that takes place in beautiful downtown Denver, Colorado. Create your own cover identity and assume the role of a secret agent, working for a global shadow organization, to protect the unaware from threats both planetary and beyond.

Your comfort and entertainment are our highest priorities. You will always have a person with you to help out when needed and to keep everything on track. Prepare to enjoy fine dining, plush accommodations, and even some time to unwind between events and take a deep breath. 

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  • How can I purchase a ticket for this vacation experience?
    As we are a scrappy little bootstrapper of a company, our first ticket sales will be on Kickstarter. Our crowdfunding campaign did not fund, but fear not.. We will relaunch the campaign again soon.
  • I have a special accessibility requirement, am I able to experience this too?
    IEC believes EVERYONE deserves to have fun and live the adventure. If you need any enhancement to facilitate your comfort, safety, or enjoyment, please reach out to We can discuss the need, and then the team can creatively alter the story experience, for your stay. A.C. will then contact you directly if we can oblige. We do ask that we are aware before your vacation date, as we can not modify this experience immediately.
  • How long will this vacation experience be available?
    Each vacation experience will have an 8 weekend run, with more spots available if there is interest. This is also an economic development tool, so more bookings means we can employ people for longer durations, and provide a larger tax gain for the local community. Book soon as slots will fill quickly.
  • I want to experience this vacation, but at a different date. Can I still get this experience?
    We scheduled this initially for 8 weekends to control costs. If there is enough interest at a different time, Absolutely! We recommend posting in our forums to collect interest.
  • How long is this experience exactly?
    We start the experience at noon, the first day at the airport. You will have 2 nights, and then we drop you back off at the airport, around noon the final day.
  • What can I expect during my vacation experience?
    We have strived to build an adventure that you will remember fondly for years to come. Your experience will include, dynamic events you control, professional actors, both public and private spaces, and a storyline that will keep you engaged long after your experience is complete.
  • What story universe is this set in?
    The story is part of IEC's "Dark Portal" story universe. Don't worry, all information will be provided to you, so you may enjoy maximum story immersion. this is a story that will be covered through multiple experiences, and is part of a bigger overarching storyline that will slowly be revealed over time.
  • Can I LARP during my experience?
    Live action role play is a cornerstone of the Dark Portal story universe and is highly encouraged. Create an alter ego, or play as yourself, there will be more experiences coming soon, including the RPG and story guide. Also for guests who enjoy the long LARP game, once completed this adventure will entitle you to wear a special black ops patch, as part of your official uniform standards. Each adventure will award you with rank, skill, and merit advancement, as well as bragging rights at any official Dark Portal Event. When we say we want you to live the adventure, we mean just that.
  • Who are you A.C. Meyer, and how did this come to be?
    I am a local kid who was born , grew up, and continues to live in beautiful Colorado. As a kid, I didn't have a lot of friends because I didn't know how to fit in. Because of this, I was my own company a lot of the time and I developed a very creative mind. I became an artist, and enjoyed a bunch of different types. Through this I learned how to express my self through my creativity. I went on to becoming a husband and a dad. I enjoy an active life working at a college in the media department, volunteering on a fire department, and joining the national guard. I deployed to a variety of countries and situations ultimately culminated in the invasion of Iraq. After I returned home I tried to jump back into life but it didn't last. I had suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving and it became worse over time. I lost my job, my fire department, the ability to drive, most of my friends and worst of all, my self esteem. I struggled for a bunch of years and it got pretty dark, but I fell back into art and started the healing journey. During this process I needed something positive to put my time and energies into, ultimately creating the vision for the dark portal universe (escapism has it's perks). I developed this story for the next 10 years, finding different ways to engage and tell this story through longer duration live action experiences, books, and a RPG guide. I did this while on the healing journey, mostly to give me something to do. As it became bigger I didn't really know how to handle this beast, until I was excepted into Bunker Labs Veteran in business program. My fellow vets have taught and inspired me so much, as well as the local Denver entrepreneurial scene. I was then excepted into The Reynolds & Reynolds Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans (EBV) program at Texas A&M. This cohort program was amazing and brought my game up to the next level. After a couple "pivots" I was able to develop my go to market strategy, and here we are! I'm a scrappy little bootstrapper who's proud to call Interactive Entertainment Company, a disabled veteran owned business. I have chased this dream for many years and I still am as passionate about it as the day it first said hi. I also want to show people that an average guy (with problems even), can achieve an impossible goal with enough belief, hard work, kindness and humility! I promise that all my experiences will always be affordable, top notch and unforgettable! I will never forget where I came from, or who I serve. Thanks for reading about me.
  • Will you have more questions and answers?
    I sure hope so! I am very excited about this, and want you to be too.
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