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My Story

In one way or another creator and co-founder A.C. Meyer has been thinking about these concepts his whole life. He wanted to start Interactive Entertainment Company (IEC) out of a desire to experience entertainment differently. He has had a variety of different careers and experiences that will be leveraged to maximize the overall success of IEC and all its future endeavors. 
From learning about leadership, tackling problem-solving, and overcoming hardship in the United States Army, to understanding technology and all its useful applications while managing the media, production, and open computer lab departments of Arapahoe Community College. 
He has learned about family from being the proud Dad to 3 unique and amazing kids. He has fostered and financed his own creativity, as well as prototyped many of the concepts, games, and technologies at gaming conferences (“Con’s”) over the last couple of years with their help and support.
He is a celebrated multi-discipline artist with many accomplishments under his belt encompassing everything from sculpture to painting, all the way over to making and participating in films and being in several different musical acts over the years. 
Finally, he learned about community from his time in the scouts, and volunteering and teamwork at the Wheat Ridge Fire Department. (The busiest volunteer fire district in Colorado at the time). 
A.C. Meyer is a disabled combat veteran, who proudly served in peacekeeping operations in Bosnia and Croatia in 1999, as well as in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, with the 220th Military Police (Field) Company. He also was a part of multiple state missions for the Colorado National Guard including Columbine, multiple fire, blizzard, and search and rescue operations, as well as helping to guard the Winter Olympics following the 9/11 tragedy. He was honorably discharged in 2004, with multiple awards and citations.
All this as well as his personal growth, training, experiences, and a clear passion for interactive entertainment, Vacation ideas, and immersive story opportunities, make A.C. Meyer the perfect creative powerhouse to lead the IEC vision into the future. 

Proudly participating in - 

22B And 23A Cohort
23B Cohort Captain


Winter 2023 Cohort Member


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